Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage spa city in the south-west of England and is known for its rich history and stunning Georgian architecture. It also offers a fantastic environment for running enthusiasts and running in Bath can be a very fulfilling, sociable and pleasant experience. The city of Bath is similarly known for its hills which – rather than being avoided – should be embraced as they give runners access to great views and excellent training benefit!

Here are my top 6 reasons why you should be running in Bath:

1. Historic Landscapes

Bath is renowned for its picturesque and historic landscapes. Running through the city provides the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks such as the Royal Crescent and all of the other crescents, the Circus, Bath Abbey, Great Pulteney Street, Pulteney Bridge – the list is endless. The blend of Georgian architecture and green spaces creates a visually appealing backdrop for your run – you literally feel like you are running through a movie set!

Running in Bath around the Royal Crescent

2. Scenic Running Routes

Bath is surrounded by beautiful countryside, scenic trails and hills. Runners can enjoy the Bath Skyline circuit, a ten kilometre loop offering panoramic views of the city and countryside. The Kennet and Avon Canal towpath and the Two Tunnels Greenway are also popular routes, providing a mix of natural beauty and historical interest. The Cotswold Way starts outside the Abbey and heads out of town via High Common and up to Lansdown and then on – as its name suggests – to the Cotswolds! There’s also the Bath to Bristol Railway Path which is a shared-use former railway line popular with runners, walkers and cyclists.

3. Parks and Gardens

The city boasts many parks and green spaces, including Royal Victoria Park and Alexandra Park. These areas provide a refreshing and peaceful environment for runners, allowing them to escape the urban hustle and enjoy nature within the city. Another favourite of mine is Sydney Gardens at the top of Great Pulteney Street. It’s only small but has a surprisingly large network of pathways and gives direct access onto the canal towpath.

4. Variety of Terrain

Whether you prefer city streets, well-maintained paths, or more challenging off-road trails, Bath has a variety of terrain to suit different running preferences. This diversity adds to the overall appeal for runners of all skill levels and you can easily be out onto the trails from the centre of the city within a few minutes.

Running in Bath - on the trails

5. Runner-Friendly Community

Bath has a vibrant running community, with lots of local running clubs (although there might not be the 810 social running clubs as claimed in a recent Runner’s Need article!). Engaging with the local running community can provide a sense of camaraderie and support, whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out. If you are new to Bath or are visiting for a few days, there will almost certainly be a run club near to you that you can join for a run – it’s a great way to meet people and find out more about the city!

6. Events

Bath hosts various running events throughout the year, catering to different levels of runners. There are plenty of local charity runs including the annual Natasha Lewis Foundation run, organised events of different lengths such as those organised by Relish Running, parkrun based at Claverton Down near to the University, as well as larger races like the Bath Half Marathon.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, running in Bath offers a unique blend of history, nature, and community, making it a delightful experience for anyone passionate about lacing up their running shoes. Want to know more about what running in Bath opportunities we have available? Check out our Instagram feed or contact us here!